Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Adjusting to the "new normal"

Life with a newborn is always an adjustment. One of the hardest things and yet one of the most pleasurable things I ever do! I have done it 11 times now so you think I would know what I am doing, right?! Well, although I know what to expect, it is always like I am doing it for the first time. I had the blessing of my husband having 7 work days off, so I had him home for 11 days while I recovered from my intense and scary labor and delivery. (I will post about that soon!) I did feel physically ready to tackle everything during the day alone by the time he went back to work a week ago. Now life is settling in with our beautiful little one BUT the adjustments begin. Like when I get ready to do something such as make dinner or make my bed after washing my sheets, folding laundry, or just about anything I need to accomplish (like typing a post on my blog :) ) Ayson can be out cold in that newborn coma sleep, and the second I begin doing something, a cry is heard. So I scramble to finish what I am doing or ask for one of my girls to pick up the baby, or let the initiation begin to being number 11 by letting him cry for a couple minutes until I can get there to help him. I am also amazed how much I forget how feedings can affect everyone's schedules. He is on a 7, 10, 1, 4, 7 feeding schedule so I know when he eats everyday and at what time, but sometimes, I really have to plan accordingly for appointments or errands. And it always takes me a half hour longer to get out of the house than it used too. This new normal is great! But it is an adjustment! So far night-times are going great. He has his last feeding at 10 pm and wakes up on the dot at 4 am to eat again then back to sleep until 7am. For that I am truly grateful! If I can get my sleep, that is huge! The family is enthralled with him and cannot give enough kisses and "petting" his head as my 5 year old calls it. I finally told him he is a human not one of our many animals we have brought through our doors. We LOVE humans, not pet them. Our new normal is a process and not perfected yet. My temper and irritability's running on the impatient level at times, but with many prayers throughout the day, usually while I am in the bathroom, since that is USUALLY the only time I get a moment to myself. I will once again adjust to this new little life into our lives and in the process, I will continue to rejoice for our quiver getting fuller and I will never get weary of holding a little miracle in my arms and the intoxicating smell of his sweet little head under my chin! Oh, how I love the gift my creator has given me, being a mommy!

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Debbie said...

He is adorable....God is Good and you are blessed with another example of his love.:)

Robin said...

What a sweetie!! Love the picture of him smiling. I agree, it is always an adjustment to have a new little one but sooo worth it. Enjoy!


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