Monday, July 13, 2009

Not Me Monday

Welcome to Not Me! Monday! This blog carnival was created by MckMama. You can head over to her blog to read what she and everyone else have not been doing this week.
This takes much creativity to post a Not Me Monday, but this week, I had some moments that I thought would make a good edition for this weeks laughs.

It was not me that sat along the side of the road in a mini van that had to have reached over one hundred degrees with the humidity and the temperature combined with my 14 year old, 5 and 7 year old, and 3 week old. I do not do heat!

It was not possible that I called my husband to come get us and 15 minutes later after he started out I called him back to tell him to turn around because I got the car started and we were on or way home once again. Surely I would not have made a spur of the moment decision like that!

I would not have ended up along side of the highway AGAIN after my car had died again in the unbearable heat.

I would have never decided to just sit for a few minutes to see if I could get it to start instead of calling my husband to turn around to come get us.

It would not be possible that for the next 45 minutes I would go 10 miles while my car died and restarted. I would have not been that stubborn to try to make it home when I had over 50 miles to go so we did not have to pay to get it towed!!

The last decision I finally made to call my husband back to come and get us WAS NOT made when the car was TOTALLY dead.

He would not have taken 1 hour and 30 minutes to come get us while we were not starring at an exit sign 3 yards away from us to the next town but still to far to walk to with all the kids and no stroller.

We were not starring at a Comfort Suites Hotel Sign, Wal-mart sign and a gas station while we sat in our toaster on wheels fanning ourselves with children's board books to keep the swarming bugs away and to attempt to cool off.

It was not me who stuck my head out the window like a dog every time a subtle breeze blew by!

Surely the cars that flew by in their air-conditioned, bug free cars would have stopped to see if we needed help or at the very least called a state trooper to come check on us!

It is not this country I live in that not ONE person stopped to try and help us in over an hour and a half!! A State Trooper DID NOT drive by and do nothing!

My husband did not come with ALL my other children AFTER he stopped to get gas, drop one of our kids friends off at their house while I was sitting in a toaster on wheels with bugs swarming everywhere and the ability to open only 2 windows because I was worried about flying debris from traffic flying by.

It was not my husband that got our car started and got home with me following him and never had it die ONCE! He WOULD not have called me on his cell phone jokingly asking me why I was driving so slow!

If all this happened to me, I would never go on the high-way again with that stupid car! (I did not just say stupid because that word is not allowed in our home) Then I would be a hypocrite!

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