Tuesday, July 21, 2009

A day of randomness

Today my random thoughts:

I am blessed!

I am adjusting to the new normal a newborn brings into our home

Boys are constant!

Boys are loud!

Boys are physical!

I love rainy days!

I saw my baby smile for the first time this morning and it was at me!

I have no plans for my day yet

One of my closest friends had a sweet baby that she has been praying for 10 years to have!

I am so honored that God included me in her struggles and the unspeakable joy He has allowed me to witness in the past few months as she has been part of helping God with a miracle by carrying a little creation of His inside of her.

I held in my own two hands yesterday, proof of answered prayer when I got to hold her beautiful little one!

My son has eye surgery in two days and I am nervous about it!

He could care less and just trusts me!

That is how I am to be with God.

That is not always easy to just sit back and trust!

I am really not sure how I am going to entertain my 7 boys under the age of 8 while it rains ALL DAY.

Maybe I don't like rainy days as much as I thought! ;)

Maybe I SHOULD get some plans for my day.

I think I will go now and get something accomplished before my boys tear the house down!

My livlihood may depend on it!

I may need lots of prayer today, so say one for me if you have a random thought of me today! :)

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