Monday, July 20, 2009

Not "my child" Monday

It was not my child that stripped down in front of everyone at the water park and ran to me asking him where his shirt was! I am sure I taught him to cover his privates not let the whole world see his cute little behind!

My children would not have gone swimming at the water park this weekend after we broke records in July for record low temps! Surely they did not swim when it was 60 degrees and windy! (And Mckmama thinks she lives in the frozen tundra :) )

My child did have to walk around in wet swimming trunks for the rest of the day because their mom would not have thought the weather would surely warm up and think they would not need other clothes! I would have had more empathy for my children than that!

It was not my 7 year old that after 3 hours of walking around the amusement park that dad looked at his feet and asked me if I knew his shoes did not match. He innocently said, "but mom, I could not find the other one to either of them." He did not walk around all day like that! Surely my child did not feel I was to busy loading up the other kids that he could not ask me to help him find the other one!

My 3 year old did not stand in a food line with me only to notice he was standing there with his hands all the way in his pants. And I did not make him reach up to get a napkin off of the counter right after he took his hands out! I would have thought quicker realizing that people behind me may not have wanted to take a napkin for themselves after watching what just happened!

My child DID not just look at me across the crowded amusement park running over to me holding himself yelling, "I have to go potty, mom, I couldn't hold it!" Other people were not staring and laughing and looking directly at me to see my reaction!

My child did not potty his pants and I did not act like it was just from the water rides and hope that is what everyone else thought even though there was a triangle shaped wet spot on the crotch of his pants and the rest of his body was totally dry! I did not let him sit in his stroller to try and make it less obvious.

I did not watch my child pick up dirty, ant infested candy off the ground, put it in his mouth and I not make it over to him in time before he started chewing! Extra protein and dirt never hurt anyone right?!

If my children went to an amusement park, surely they would have appreciated that we went at all and NOT complained when we had to go home after being there for 8 hours, freezing cold, and exhausted. Okay, it was not me who was freezing and exhausted after going to the amusement park with 10 kids and a newborn and was not me that wanted to leave! I would have been nicer than that and not put myself first! I am NOT that selfish!

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Debbie said...

Thats ounds all to familiar here too...Loved it!


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