Thursday, July 16, 2009

Foto Friday

Okay, it is not Friday yet, but I will not beable to post tomorrow so I'm planning ahead! Have a great weekend!

I think our baby has had enough already!;)


Where does time go? Today our newest edition is 1 month old! I cannot remember life without him and yet he is so new to our family! He has made our hearts grow even bigger with love which seemed one month ago to be impossible we would have room for more! We run to him when he cries, cuddle him and stare at his sweet little face, fingers and toes. The smell of his little head is intoxicating and I hold him knowing that this is for just a minute moment in time and soon he will be to busy to be held the way we can hold him now. All too soon, I will no longer have those middle of the night feedings where it is just God, him and I alone together. The times I used to dread with my other children have a different perspective after the wisdom of having 10 other children has finally begun to set in. Knowing the days of toothless grins will not last long enough. The times when mommy is the center of his universe and my scent alone ends all his tears, are to be cherished because that too will change way to fast! I love this little one that God has placed in our life and filled our hearts with more love. Once again, the joy of loving another gift from God has entered our home! What sweet, sweet moments that only God can give!

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Robin said...

That is so sweet! I treasure each moment with Anna, too. It goes by so fast!!!


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