Thursday, August 20, 2009

Be still and know

The other night I was holding my 8 week old as he was crying and getting very impatient to eat. He had about 30 minutes until it was time. Because I am his mom and I know what is best for him, I knew he needed to wait. If I fed him too early, he would either not eat enough to make it until his next feeding, get a tummy ache, and the worst would be that if I would give in all the time, he would think that every time he cries, I feed him. Not a good way to teach discipline! Which by the way, is important to them even as a tiny baby! It is the basis for life~ So as I was holding him, I gently said to him in that high pitched voice that I so often speak to him in, "Don't you know even if you did not cry, I know what you need! I am your mommy! I know you want to eat, and I will feed you when it is time."

Now I know he had NO clue what I was saying. But a thought crossed my mind, that is how it is with God and me! I cry and whine about all the things I think I need and want. The truth is, even if I said nothing, He knows exactly what I need and when I need it! The great thing is that He does want to hear what I have to say, just as when my baby cries, I understand that he is trying to tell me something and so I try to comfort him, but in MY way! God will and does listen to me, but ultimately He will do what He knows is best for me!

So I guess what he was trying to say to me, "be still and know that I am God!" Just as my little one can be still and know that I am mom! :)


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