Sunday, August 16, 2009

Two words...

Okay, so here it is. This weekend did not go as I had planned! Why? You may ask. Or you may not, but here it is anyway... summed up in 2 dreaded words from a mommy of 11 kids...STOMACH FLU!

You may not prefer me to go any further in fear that I may give too much detail, but I think if I have suffered so much, why not spread the joy! :)

I thought I would include just for sympathy sake from my blog friends, (you are sympathetic, aren't you?) Some of the things I did not accomplish because of the visit from the worst enemy of a large family, Mr. Stomach Flu:

I was not able...

-to clean ANYTHING! (Really, that is NOT true! My carpets are spot cleaned better than ever and I think our bedding smells fresher than it has for a long time!)

-cook anything with flavor OR color in fear that at any given time, one more child would begin to make that familiar moaning sound followed by the next familiar sound! (Need I say more?!)

-get any sleep! (Just for a side note~ this whole thing started the night that my 8 week old decided to sleep the whole night for the first time, so I COULD HAVE had a great nights sleep minus the regurgitation every half hour from my other children!)

-spend much time with my husband unless it involved cleaning up carpets and changing bedding together. We did get a pretty good system going!

-to go to our state fair to watch my oldest compete in her first fiddling contest, we figured fried foods on a stick would not go well with Mr. Stomach Flu!

-to gather things for our families garage sale this coming weekend, (although the thought crossed my mind to put some price tags on my children's forheads a couple times!)

Things I was able to accomplish...

-not getting Mr. Stomach Flu myself

-everything that God wanted me to! After all, taking care of my family is the one and only thing God intended for me to do this weekend! (I just would have liked to have done it a little differently! :) Maybe a day at the park, a picnic, the fair...)

As my grandma always used to say, "This to shall pass!" And for that I am truly thankful!


Robin said...

I'm so sorry, Heather! I hope everyone is feeling better now. Love how you said you were doing what God wanted you to this weekend..He gives us the strength!

Deb said...

Heather, I was almost afraid to read your post!!! It seems that the mere thought of the stomach flu causes my family to join in on the 'fun'. That seems to be the one thing we want everyone to share in!!!
Hope everyone is feeling much better and you've gotten to enjoy a full night's sleep!!

Shelly said...

I love how you said that you accomplished everything God wanted you to. I need to say that to myself at the end of EVERY day, sick kids or now!


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