Thursday, August 6, 2009

In Memory...

Today I have a favor to ask! In memory of Savannah, today would you take a few minutes to pray for those of you who know people who have lost children.

The parents of Savannah, dear close friends of mine, are remembering 2 years ago today when she went home to be with Jesus. I have never had to go through this kind of pain and NEVER want too. I have watched the pain it causes and seen the sorrow and brokenness it causes.

I cannot imagine walking in the door of the home that she once walked through but will never walk through again

Passing the bedroom she once slept in but will never again lay her head on HER pillow

Going to the store that she always went to with YOU and never being able to buy her that outfit she couldn't keep her eyes off of

Seeing her favorite color but not being able to watch her smile in delight,
Christmas without buying her a gift

When her birthday comes and you remember the first time you held her in YOUR arms knowing now that although now she is in Jesus arms YOU will never hold her again in yours

Seeing somebody that would be her age and wondering what SHE would be doing

And I will never comprehend the pain going to that grave sight and seeing my child's name on the stone and knowing I will never again see her this side of heaven!

When you lose a spouse, you are a widow or widower,
When you lose your parents, you are an orphan,
There is no name for it when you lose a child!

Today, Willie and Roland, I think of you and want you to know I am lifting you up in prayer into Jesus loving arms, and know that He is holding Savannah also!

To my dad- I know when my sister, Gail died, you too felt all these things. You were so strong for mom, my brother and I as you walked through the deepest pain of your life! Thank you for holding US up when YOU needed to be held! You were so selfless! Thank you for showing us to look to Jesus and reminding us that this life is just a vapor in the wind and we have a greater hope that soon, we will see her again! I love you!

Savannah's mom has started a blog in memory of her, check it out here


Aileigh said...

I will... I have never known that pain and NEVER want to. However, I have a few friends that know it all too well. I will go visit and offer some support.

Robin said...

I, also, cannot imagine. Thanks for the link to her site.


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