Wednesday, August 5, 2009


One of the arts of motherhood is how to do things with baby in tow!

Things I can do one-handed while holding a baby:

1. Paint my toenails and my fingernails
2. go the bathroom
3. cook an entire meal
4. get dressed
5. play bowling on the WII
6. my make-up
7. vacuum
8. type (not real speedy)
9. write thank-you notes
10.change the next to oldest diaper (have dropped my share of food on the poor sweet things head!)
12.fold laundry
13.sort laundry (just kidding) Did I get your attention?!
15.sleep ( I know, you can suffocate them! So far I have taken naps with all 11 and we have never had a problem! :)
17.dust shop ice cream
20.make cookies

Time goes too fast!
I must hold this little one while I can.
So for now, things may be messier,
And it would be easier to do these things with 2 hands,
But all too soon this scrumptious baby will be all to big to carry in my arms
So I will continue to work while I can,
With my baby in my arms!

Let me know of some things you have learned to do one-handed!


Robin said...

Heather--I not only use one hand, I use my feet to pick up things and throw them in the trash:) Yes, I am definitely proficient at one-handedness, also. Should be an olympic sport.

Qtpies7 said...

I learned to go to the bathroom one-handed while nursing. It was necessary, my dd wouldn't stop screaming EVER unless she was nursing and I couldn't take the screaming, lol. Neither could all our neighbors who worked weird hours with the military, so I just nursed constantly.

Aclair said...
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Aclair said...

Yes mom i have seen you do it all. exept the second one!


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