Wednesday, September 2, 2009

It will just be a little pain...

Yesterday I talked about being REAL, well after I posted that, I got hit with a REAL life kind of issue. Let me explain.

About a month ago, my 7 year old came to me and said, "Mom there is something on my head and it won't stop bleeding." Worried it might be a tick, I tried to get a good look at it but it was bleeding too much. So after about literally 45 minutes to an hour later after it finally quit bleeding, I got a good look at it. Knowing anything on the head that bleeds will bleed more than any other place on the body, and looking at the small little dot, I was not to alarmed. I just figured he got scatched and it broke open and it would heal soon. Well, I kept checking on it weekly and it was just not getting better. In fact, this week I thought I noticed it may be getting a little bigger. I decided I better not take any chances and call his doctor. Confident I was going to be embarrassed and the doctor was going to tell me it was a mole or something harmless that maybe had been there and just never noticed before.

The doctor then begins to tell me that he wants to make an appointment with a dermetologist to get it "excised" (I think that is the word) and then wants him to send it to pathology for a biopsy. Not quite what I expected. So now I get to practice what I just preached to my friend last Friday when she found out her husband has cancer. To take one moment at a time and not to think to far ahead until there is more information. Yeah, easy to say to someone else, not so easy to live it!

Please pray for us! I really am at peace! Somehow, at this moment, I am feeling I can totally leave it in God's hands. That is where I am supposed to leave it! The next moment, hopefully I will feel the same. I will try not to go on emotions but faith and what I do know! That God is God and He is good and He knows and created my little boy! He is holding Him up with His right hand and will never leave us or forsake us! In that, I find my comfort!

I will try to look at it through his little eyes when he looked up at me after I explained it in simple terms about the removal of the spot on his head, "Mom, it will only be a little pain, I will be okay!" AAHHH the faith of a child!


Annika said...

Praying for peace, patience and good results!

cwa said...

I am praying for you right now. Blessings to your family.


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