Friday, September 4, 2009

Foto Friday

When I was not looking, my daughter took this of us during story time this week. To be totally REAL, I was a little irriatated! :) I'm not the greatest at getting my picture taken especially unexpectedly! And then she showed me the picture and it all just faded away. I actually thought it was kind of sweet. Just want you to notice the "back drop". My REAL life is very obvious!:) But the kids are not concerned about the mess, they are just enjoying their mommy! That is what God has been teaching me this week!
Enjoy your weekend, keep it REAL, and love on your kids and those you love!

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Shelly said...

Sweet picture, don't be irritable! At least it was only the top of your head so if you had 'racoon eyes' from not washing off your mascara the night before (that NEVER happens to me!!) no one would see!!

I have too few pictures of me holding the kids, the few I do have are among my favorites! :-)

Robin said...

That is so sweet!!! Sometimes it is very hard to just sit down and read when dishes or laundry are calling our name, but that (reading) is the stuff our kids will remember.
My "real" life is always evident in the background of all our pics and videos...such is life!!!


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