Sunday, September 6, 2009

Labor Day potluck anyone?

Thought it would be fun to celebrate Labor Day with some thoughts on potlucks, and especially going to potlucks with a large family!

The one thing that comes to mind when I hear "potuck" is salads and "guess that ingredient" casseroles. Every type of salads! Jello, pasta, taco, lettuce, vegetable and fruit ones are just to name a few. My kids are NOT salad people. (They are casserole kids by nurture but only ones where they know what is in them.) Husband, same way. Myself, I could live on salads! So for them that leaves dessert! Ahhhh, my children think. I TRY to limit them to only 2 desserts. But with not liking salads, dessert is about the only thing left so something with peanut butter is now considered an entree at the potlucks we decide to attend! My contribution that I sneak in the door and put at the table before anyone sees me? Peanut butter and honey sandwiches cut in squares. At least when my children ask what there will be that they can eat, I can tell them sandwiches! The last potluck we went to had RIBS! A potluck made for a man! My 6 year old commented on the green bean "salad"but I think it was just to make sure I noticed he had something from the "mommy" food group so he could move on to better things.

After I told each of my little piggies children that they could have only 2 desserts, I started noticing the many trips BACK to the dessert table. I began to monitor them and all the sudden began counting, 1...2...3...4...5...6 kids sneaking wandering innocently back to the food tables carrying a plate with 2 desserts on it. That would be fine except, they had 2 desserts ALREADY with their meal the first time around! I guess they did not understand what I meant! Okay, my guess is they did, but the flesh is so weak and the variety of chocalate in as many forms as salads was calling their taste buds!

We were the last table to get our food, so we were going up to get our food as everyone else was finishing! The great thing about that is you don't have to worry about your kids being greedy and leaving enough food for everyone else! The idea that there would be any left for others to have seconds on dessert after my piggies children went back for 4ths and 5ths, was well, just not reality ! The proof was all over their chocolate stained faces!

So now onto the final part of the potluck. Many piggies children with an abundance of sugar in them AND past naptime, (for them and me), with an open area to run with MANY other children to play with... anyone guess what that means? The entry for the cheesy grin, smiling through my gritted teeth and the phrase, "Honey, I think it is time to go now!" made its appearance. We then gathered up all our things, and noisily quietly left the building. WHEW! Back in the car and mom and dad go over the speech on everything we need to work on the next time we decide to go to a potluck! The amazing thing is, we made it through the entire meal without a spill! That may be a first! I was even prepared with extra clothes and many wipes!

I now sit, ready to nap while my piggies children nap and boy am I ready to sit down to a quiet meal at home! Although potlucks may be fun, they are ALOT of work! At least I did not have one of my kids say to me that I said to my mom once while leaving a potluck, "Hey mom, everyone else's food was gone, how come there was so much left of yours? Didn't anyone like it?"
I guess my peanut butter sandwiches were a hit! There was only 2 squares left! (But I did leave my dish!) Guess that's why you are supposed to write your name on it with that familiar tape and permanent marker! :)

Enjoy your day today whether you are going to a potluck or not! :)


Shelly said...

I'm the same way with the potluck connotations "guess the ingredients"!! It actually grosses me out a little! We always had potlucks at our church when I was a kid, but now they make me a bit squeamish! Actually, since my youngest son has so many food allergies, it's not really practical for us to attend a potluck...darn! *grin*

Robin said...

My hubby would have loved the rib potluck! I enjoy salads, as well...we had a party today with some yummy ones...waldorf, pasta, potato, fruit...delish!


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