Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Ayson Update...

This is the little one that has FILLED our home with more joy...

...more laughter and simplicity,
...yes, less sleep for mom, but that really is beside the point!

More babies, means less thinking of my needs! That is good!

It never was supposed to be about me anyway!

Ayson is 4 months now and it is a cliche sometimes, but I really do not know where time has gone! A year ago, I was 7 weeks pregnant and already waiting and anticipating his arrival! It seemed to take FOREVER for the next 31 weeks to pass, and now...19 weeks AFTER his birth, I am watching him roll over, smile, giggle and notice ALL the activity around him!

And after 10 other blessings before him, he has still found ways to astound me! When he smiles at me, it is as joyous as when 16 years ago, my first child gave me HIS first smiles! The way he squeals in delight when I go to his crib in the morning to get him! It is pure joy for him and me!!

He also astounds me how he literally throws up most of his feedings and I must always carry an extra shirt for me in HIS diaper bag and how he WILL NOT sleep through the night! (He is the first out of 10 to give us those little surprises!) But that is okay! I know that soon that will pass and the ability to delight him by just my presence will fade. So for now,I am going to give him extra kisses, take extra pictures, and treasure a whole lot more, his "babiness"! It just passes by WAY to quick!

I love you my sweet little Ayson!

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Shelly said...

I really like what you said about "More babies means less thinking about my's not about me anyways"
What a great way to look at parenting lots of kiddos! :-)

11arrows said...
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LocaChica said...

He is the to me of course :P


Robin said...

What a handsome little guy!!! You are blessed!!!


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