Thursday, October 29, 2009

Generations of love!

This is my dear sweet grandma that I wrote about a while back.
The one God is STILL using after 93 years, to teach ME about Him!

The pure joy she shows by just being with us!

Oh, to savor and remember these moments forever!

Truly what life is about! The countless times she gave of herself for us!

Those wrinkled, precious old hands are only proof to me that she too once knew that it was

never supposed to be about her either!
I am so thankful for the beautiful display of God's love she has shown me through the years

and how God is even using her today and she doesn't even know it! Oh how I hope my children will some day rise up and call me blessed the way I do her!

May we pass on a God legacy that will continue for generation after generation!

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