Monday, November 23, 2009

Coupon clippings

Some people have always used coupons. Me, not so much! I always thought it was to much work and usually after trying to REMEMBER to bring them to the store, I would forget to use them at the check-out. Therefore, I just made the decision NOT to use them all these years. UNTIL…I decided to subscribe to I was a skeptic at first. I read how people have literally cut their food bill in half! I thought NO WAY! I always buy at discount grocery stores anyway so there is no way I could save money just clipping coupons! I will say this, after using their services for 3 weeks, I have saved over $100! On their websight, they show me all the sales for the week and what coupons to use. I have learned how to stack coupons, only buy when things are on sale and how to use the coupons with the sale items. I have gotten many things for free like Glade Candles, Ziploc Baggies, Chinet plates and other things just by using their services and the coupons they direct me to. I now have to really NEED something before I will buy it without a coupon! Here are some ways to save by using coupons and in store sales:

  -Clip as many as you can from newspapers (Sunday papers are best)

 -Get them from the dispenser at the stores, even if you are not buying the product at that time

 -Have a file folder to keep them in so you can grab it whenever you go out

 -Look for sales to go WITH your coupons

 -Buy in quantity if something is on sale, stock up! This is a GREAT time of year to save on baking items!      Summer holidays are great for ketchup, sauces, paper kitchen items and similar things!

 -Make a list of what you need before you go and attach coupons on your paper so you don’t have to dig!

- Make a little symbol beside the item on your list that you have a coupon for so your remember to use it

 -Ask others to save coupons for you (my mom is great at this!)

 -Swap coupons with other people that you know

 -Get online to check for coupons. Just, google “free coupons” (My coupon service does this for me!)

 -Although kind of annoying to get e-mails from different companies, I have found they have GREAT recipes and lots of free trials and great coupons to print off! I actually enjoy receiving them now!

 -Don’t forget to use them and bring them with you!:)

These may seem obvious to you or hopefully give you some new ideas. This is another way God has been blessing the work of my hands! Using some scissors and typing on the computer for about 2 hours a week to gather coupons has helped us with our grocery bill! It is also nice to be able to go to my pantry to get something instead of running to the store! I have gotten a pretty good supply of things because I am able to buy many things at once! That also saves me money because a trip for me to the store for 2 things, turns into 20!

Some websights I use:

If you don't see coupons come up on the first page, go to the search and type in 'coupons' and that will take you to their coupons that are available.  Some of these sights have great recipe idea's also!

If you have any other ideas using coupons, please let me know! Happy clipping!

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