Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ideas for cutting costs

Here are some simple ways I save money:
  • use cloth diapers (they ARE NOT what they used to be!  So much better!)www.natureslove.net 
  • washable wipes that I make myself out of flannel  (I sell these if you are interested!)
  • reuse bread baggies and cereal bags to store other items
  • I use extra pasta and less meat in my casseroles since it is more expensive to buy meat
  • make my own greeting cards
  • make our own gifts
  • make things from scratch
  • eat lots of soups
  • I use 1/4 of what the detergent box says for laundry (Charlie's soap is what I use and it uses very little anyway!  All natural and NO chemicals!)http://www.beyondbeds.com/index.asp?pmc=CharliesSo&PageAction=Custom&ID=155&source=Charlies_Soap_Google&gclid=CKmhoZK7z50CFQjyDAodGDWnsw
  • I don't but snack foods.  My kids are not snackers because I never started that habit.  We eat 3 meals a day and that's it!  They don't even think about it!
  • We drink lots of water!  Cheap and good for you!
  • keep paper products to a minimum!  We don't use paper plates unless on picnics or I get them for free!
  • emptied yogurt cups make GREAT cups for serving jello, ice-cream, homemade frozen smoothies, and just plain water to little kids! The kids think it's great they have their own little portion!  They are also great to stick in a baggie that you can just throw away after you use them while on long car trips, the park or grandma's!  (They do wash up great in the dishwasher too!)
  • use coupons and LOTS of them!
  • holiday and birthday gifts are simple and budgeted!
  • I use cash when I shop and I don't bring anything besides cash!
  • Don't go to the store to often!  I can't spend if I don't go!  Also saves on gas!
  • Buy in quantity when things are on sale
  • Make lists, this includes wish lists and priority lists so I can keep things in perspective
  • We hardly EVER eat out!!  I do not want to feed fast food to our kids anyway!  I am laying a foundation for them while they are young!  We do have a restaurant in our town where kids eat free on Tuesdays and we have been known to go there but they have healthy food options! 
  • We have special meals that we set the table really fancy and get a movie to watch and have family dates in the comfort of our own home!
  • I go to discount day old bread stores for some items and can get loaves of bread for $.79! 
These are some things I use.  My grocery bill every two weeks is around $150 for a family of 13.  My extra's such as soaps, shampoos, and other items comes to around $50 monthly.  Sometimes I can even do less than that if I get really good coupon leads!  :)  My kids are healthy and they NEVER go hungry!:)

Hope this helps you and pleeeasssseee if you have any other ideas I could use, leave a comment!   I need advice!:)


Sarah Mueller said...

$300 a month! That's amazing! Thanks for the great list.

Robin said...

Heather, I am loving all of your frugal ideas! I am in awe of your grocery budget!! Also, would like to know more about your toiletry list and what you consider good deals. Thanks!!!


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