Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Uninvited guest...

Well, we have had an uninvited guest visit this week.  I really want him to leave soon!  Boy did he leave his mark!  On the beds, carpets, towels and everything in between!  This is all I could muster to write about!  Maybe because I need some empathy or maybe just to try and look at the humorous side of things for a moment until reality sets in, again! 

Random thoughts on the stomach flu:
  • I dread it more than anything with the exception my children dying
  • if anyone gets sick first,  it should be me so I can fearlessly clean up all messes
  • 7 kids under the age of 9 can NEVER make it to the bathroom in time
  • how stink proff our bodies our with it's contents UNTILthe contents exit the body (Sorry, WAY to much information!)
  • 2 bathrooms are NOT enough when multiple children need to use the bathroom when the stomach flu has hit
  • Resolve carpet cleaner works well! 
  • The air freshener we have, DOES NOT work well
  • or maybe it is because there is no way ANY air freshener could help at this point!
  • older kids think it is funny when little kids throw up, mom on the other hand, DOES NOT!
  • it amazes me how everyone comes to gather around when the first one starts to 'toss his cookies'
  • I THINK I would rather them ALL have it at the same time than one by one (Not totally sure on that one yet!)
  • I am thankful for indoor plumbing and a washing machine!
  • I thought we had way too many towels in our bathroom closets, now...thinkin' I need to stock up with some more! 
  • how thankful I am that I have such a wonderful husband that helps me clean up
  • how quickly I remember WHY I HATE the stomach flu (like within the first 30 seconds)
  • I have to keep reminding myself that God will not give me more than I can handle!  (At this point, I am convinced He thinks I am LOTS stonger than I think I am!)
  • the phrase, 'things are never as bad as they seem', is a total lie!  The flu is worse than you ever thought possible!
  • my heart aches when my babies are miserable!
And last but not least...

How indestructable I feel after helping a family of 13 fight the stomach flu!  Climb Mount Everst?  No problem!  Book me a ticket!  No, in fact I will walk!  :)

Surely Things can only get better in the days to come!

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Annika said...

I feel for you! I hate the pukes!!! I hope is goes away soon!


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