Wednesday, January 13, 2010

The winner is....

The winner is, Taylor!  I LOVED the reason's you loved babies and some of them were the same reasons I love them so much!  You have until tomorrow morning before noon to contact me using the comment page.  Thank you!  For those of you who used my e-mail to comment, thanks for your answers!  This was fun!
Here was Taylor's answer:

I love how he loves me!

I know, it may sound simple and even strange... but it's so true! I've watched him ever since he was 2 months old and now he's 9 months. Now that he's older he's somewhat harder to take care of and to keep out of things. It can often make your day stressful. But in the end, it's when he wants to lay his head on my shoulder and gently pats my back while whispering, "Ba, ba, ba, ba, ba" that I feel like it's all worth it. The love that a baby grows to have for someone is what's really special to me. It's something I can treasure forever. And it's just priceless! :) It causes my heart to well up with so much love for him that I know it must overflow! And that love reminds me of the way our God loves us as his own children.
That same love is just, well... priceless!

PS. If anyone would like to BUY one of these adorable blankets, let me know!  I sell them too!

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Taylor said...

Thank you so much! I will be emailing you my address.

May the Lord bless you,


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