Tuesday, January 19, 2010


Today I am wondering~

:: if my children SEE how much I love them
:: how to SHOW them my love in a way that will be obvious to each one
:: why it is so hard to die to self
:: if it ever gets easier to die to self
:: how my mom was so selfLESS
:: why winter is my favorite time of the year
:: if maybe as I get older, I'm thinking Spring is far better! 
:: what we will do for special "trips" this summer
:: why I love to fold laundry but despise putting it away! (expaining why I have 3 laundry baskets full of folded clothes sitting in my hallway)
:: what I am going to have for dinner
:: how I will ever survive when my oldest leaves home!
:: if the next 18 years will go as fast as the past 18
:: if someday, I will become a grandma the same time I am becoming a mom
:: why that seems so scary!
:: why it does not seem as impossible as it once did!
:: the older I get, the younger I feel  (That may have to do with having 8 boys!) :)

Today, I am wondering but...I also know who is beside me in all that I do!  From deciding what to have for dinner tonight, to the thought of my oldest leaving home!
::His name is Jesus! 

Daily I have thoughts that go through my head.  Some important and serious things, and some that just really do not matter except for a moment.

Today, I am asking that God take all of my thoughts captive under HIS obedience that I may serve Him with all that I am and ALL that I am "wondering", so that I may live my life pleasing to Him and that others will maybe get a glimpse of Him in me!  It is HIS faithfulness that always see's me through! 

Today, God help me to become more like you and live for you so much, that others know it is YOU that is in me without ever saying a word!

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Shelly said...

I'll bet you're also wondering why I haven't emailed you yet with my "insider" tips on selling and giveaways! LOL!


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