Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Would not trade Mommy-thing for Any-thing!

When I was a little girl, all I wanted to be was a mom and wife!  I did not really care about the order at that time!  I naturally remember wanting to be a mommy first!  (The husband part did not come until I was a teenager! )  I would line my dolls up from oldest to youngest and play house or school with them.  I would care for my babies like they were real!  To me they were real!  When I would go to the store with my mom, I would bundle them up in a blanket and take them with me.  I set them in a high-chair beside me when I ate.  I Changed their diapers and when I went to bed at night, I would put them in their jammies and lay them in their beds.  I knew each one by name and in my eyes, they even had a personalities!  I had ones who cried all the time, and ones who never cried.  Ones, who liked to go to the park, and ones who did not!  :)  It was a dream of mine to be a mother when I got older but when I was small, I was sure I WAS a mommy!  I cared for those babies of mine!  It was real and God implanted  in my heart from a very young age the desire to love and care for children! 

So, when I had girls, I bought them dolls!  They too, played and cared for them!  To them they were real!

I look at the world today, and I wonder if we teach our girls to continue to nurture that desire to nurture!  Do we show and tell them how the fruit of the womb is a reward as it says in Psalms?  When they are little girls playing with their babies, do we tell them of the ways that God has given them a desire to take care of little ones just as their mommy is taking care of them?  Do we make sure that they know God will provide emotionally and financially for them not matter how hard it becomes? Do we cultivate that as they grow OR do we eventually push it away with things of the world?  Telling them that 1 or 2 is enough because children are expensive and that sacrifices will have to be made! Do we tell them that it will all be worth it?  Do we make sure that they know God will provide emotionally and financially for them not matter how hard it becomes because IT SAYS in His Word that children are a BLESSING and not a BURDEN?   

To see the way my daughters care for our baby of the family is simply put, a joy!  They cannot kiss him enough, and they light up when he is around as much as he does!  I pray that continues in their hearts and minds!  Children are work but they are a BLESSING!  May I always teach my children that God desires us to be fruitful and multiply!  It is HIS command!  Whether that be adoption or birthing them from their bodies, that they realize being a mother is very close to God's heart!  Being a mother means raising another genertaion for the kingdom of God!  That has eternal value! 

It is work. There are days that I want to run out the door and scream very loud!  :)  And maybe get away for long short time, but I would not trade this mommy- thing for any- thing!

When I get up in the morning and would do nothing else with my life but what I am doing right now, I know that this is not only MY dream for my life but also God's!  For that, I am truly thankful!

Take joy in being a mommy and let your little ones know how you find it a joy that they call YOU mommy!  And if you are not a mommy, make sure you show little ones in your life how precious and important they are!  Allow God to use you where you are! And let those little "mommies" know, even though they are young, that the job they do with their dolls, is important and it pleases His heart!



Shelly said...

I totally wouldn't trade it for anything either!!! On a side note...I wonder if it's possible for a little girl to have TOO many dollies!! :-)

11arrows said...

Shelly- No such thing as TOO many dollies! :) At least it never was in my eyes! Now, I guess I can never have enough kids in God's eyes! :)

16 blessings'mom said...

Heather, I was the same way when I was a child. I remember having this realistic babydoll, and walking around carrying her, and thinking that people thought she was real. I LOVED my dolls. I still have a weakness for them that shows in the incredible number I have bought for my eleven daughters through the years. I also think I could never have TOO many babies....I am hoping and praying for one more.

Robin said...

Wonderful post, Heather!!! I am in awe that God has chosen me to mother these 8 children and so very thankful.


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