Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Faith~ the evidence of things NOT seen...

Not the news from the "medical" side that I had hoped for!  Although this doctor was not in total agreement with my doctor what has been happening with this pregnancy, the verdict is the same.  Sac, no visable sign of baby!  The doctor was wonderful in explaining everything including my options.  I will be 12 weeks next week, so she recommended a d&c after next week to reduce the possibility of complications.  I will say I am not surprised with all the information, and I will also say, that my hope and faith is still in a miracle!  I know, maybe foolishness in some people's eyes, but in my eyes faith in God is never wrong and realizing that He makes the simple things divine is my comfort! 

My husband reminded me of how God asked Elijah to throw water on the God's of Baal before He started them on fire to prove even more of His power!  Maybe this is one more thing that God wants to use to prove He is God in my situation!  One more doctor to reach!  And even if this baby does not survive, God has given us countless times to witness to others with this situation!  He is bigger than my idea's and IF they don't turn out in the way I want them to, He is still God and His word will not come back void! 

I will continue to pray for a miracle and until God shows me otherwise and even IF that happens, I can give a testimony of the many ways He has used this for Him already!  For that, I am truly thankful! 

Thank you for all your prayers, they are being felt!  God is good and He will be faithful to complete the work He has started! 



16 blessings'mom said...

Hugs to you, dear sister. We know that God weighs and measures our trials, and never sends more than we can endure. It is not easy on the flesh, but those who endure in temptations are blessed, they shall recieve the crown of life. I am still praying for you....

Robin said...

Heather, you continue to be in my prayers. Your faith through this time is inspiring to me.

Anonymous said...

Your faith is inspiring for us all... gentle hugs & prayers continue


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