Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The miracle~

I would like to say it is not the news I had been hoping for.  My journey with this baby inside of me is over, but after reading this poem, how could I ask for more for this little one!  In my eyes, no matter what the outcome turned out to be, it will always be considered a miracle in my eyes!  And someday, I will have the honor of holding this sweet baby in my arms and not just my heart!  So for now, I will say goodbye, but not forever, just for a time!


I'm just a little person who didn't make it there;
I went straight to be with Jesus,
but I'm waiting for you here.

Don't you fret about me, Mommy,
I'm of all God's lambs most blessed;
I'd have loved to stay there with you,

but the Shepherd knows what's best.
Many dwelling here where I live,
waited years to ent...er in;
Struggled through a world of sorrow,
and their lives were marred with sin.

So, sweet Mommy, don't you sorrow ~
Wipe those tears and chase the gloom ~
I went straight to Jesus' bosom
from my mother's womb.

Thank you for the life you gave me ~
It was brief, but don't complain...
I have all of heaven's glory...
suffered none of earthling's pain.

- by Sandi Johnson

Thank you for being there for me and all of the prayers!  I cannot tell you how much it has meant!  I am letting go of the pain day by day and know that God's plan is best!  I will walk with no fear inside knowing my Heavenly Father holds me in His hand!


abba12 said...

I'm so sorry for your loss, but you have also seen miracles, just in the fact the baby stayed as long as it did. God is using that.

Robin said...

What a beautiful poem! I'm continuing to pray for you, Heather.

~mom2seven~ said...

Hi there~I came across your blog and just wanted to say I'm so very sorry for your loss. Such a sweet poem! Beautiful words and reminder of a baby's precious life.
Take care:)


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