Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Rainy day idea's~

Okay, it's MAY and all we have had is cold, wet, messy days the past week!  Cabin fever has set it AGAIN!  My little boys have forced me to reach in my bag of tricks to find some things to do inside! 

  1. Buy some rice and beans and put them in a big, flat rubbermaid with measuring cups and sand toys and let them play ( I put a sheet under it for easy clean up)

  2. Get some post it notes and write letters on them and have them stick them on the things that start with that letter~ex- 't' for table  'r' for refridgerator, etc.

  3. Have a "country" of the day and have everything for that day focus around that specific country~ ex.-Mexico= learn a couple easy spanish words and use them all day, have a mexican meal, make placemats for that country, dress up with homemade outfits, find a missionary from that country and pray for them, etc.

  4. Make homemade playdough- the edible kind is really fun!  Recipes here

  5. Make door hangers and cookies for a nursing homes and deliver them (you will need to call ahead to get some names from the nursing home.  I always try to get names of people who don't get visitors often)

  6. Do the same for the pediatric floor at the nearest hospital 

  7. Make a fort and have lunch in it WITH the kids

  8. Give kids a bath with all kinds of kitchen bowls and spoons

  9. Watch home movies and pop some popcorn, make the room really dark , and then get blankets and pillows out and relax! (just eat the popcorn BEFORE they lay down so they don't choke! :)

  10. Make a home video and send it to grandparents via e-mail or snail mail!  Sing songs together or come up with a drama for the kids to act out

  11. Seriously, my kids have fun doing this!  Put on some happy music, REALLY loud, and have everyone work together cleaning up the house starting with one room at a time!  Give each child a specific cleaning chore and have a small reward to give them after the job has been accomplished! 
I would love any other idea's you have!  It's always great to share creative idea's!


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