Tuesday, May 11, 2010

What I'm thinking...

I have lots of thought in my head this week!  Nothing earth shattering, just things bouncing around in my head!  It is great to write them down and share:
  • I'm ready for the weather to stay warm
  • healthy kids are a blessing
  • a Godly husband is too!
  • I am 38 years old and still miss my mom!
  • being a mom that practices what she preaches is really hard sometimes!
  • 2 year olds are VERY opinionated
  • 16 year olds are also!
  • I love cloudy days
  • I miss the child I never got to hold in my arms
  • I am hoping for another child I will get to hold in my arms REALLY soon! (well, more than 9 months from now!)
  • I treasure my 10 month old's "babiness" so much more
  • siblings are VERY good at pointing out each others faults! :)
  • adults are good at that too! :(
  • flowers always cheer me up
  • I wish supper was made already
  • I really am thinking that having it made for the week would be great!
  • Mother's Day should be celebrated by MOTHER'S not those being "mothered" because WE are the ones who are blessed!
  • I am hoping to sell our house this summer
  • I am worried that we might!
  • Where would we live!  UGH!


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