Tuesday, August 3, 2010

How I shop~ part 3

I thought I would answer the 3 questions I got on my comment page:

Debbie~  I only buy 4 1/2 lbs of deli meat that costs $1.99 a lb or whatever is on sale.  I budget $5 every paycheck so every once in a while I can't buy as much as I would like but make up for it with something else such as p-nut butter sandwiches for an extra meal. :)

Carole~  I do have some recipes on my blog if you go to the side and click on them.  I am going to start including a  recipe once a week starting this Thursday.  If you would like to e-mail me personally, I can pass along a couple of them to you.

Robin~  I do not have access to warehouse shopping. I have used them in the past years ago and was never able to save much after comparing how I have to shop.  I have to buy in small increments and can't really afford to buy the way they sell things.  We do have a very small farmer's market in our dinky little town, BUT it is not very reasonable.  I do have great friends and giving people that love to share with me!  Two weeks ago, I recieved 60 ears of corn from people at church and froze it all.  Winter months is not as easy but God has always provided! 

Somethings to remember is this is just a sample of what I do.  My menu's vary but I have a VERY strict budget that I have to stick to.  I have had to learn to make do with what I have sometimes.  Breakfast meals are very economical and I have had those extra nights when it is close to payday!  :)  I will admit sometimes I get to the next payday and wonder how we did it but somehow it always works out.  I have NEVER once had an empty tummy or had to listen to my children cry from hunger or even know what it feels like to TRULY be hungry!!  We are VERY well fed!  Healthy foods are a must and although I don't find it necessary for us to eat organic foods or never eat sweets, my kids are hardly ever sick and growing great!  God knows our needs and gives to us above and beyond anything I could ever imagine!  

I would still love to hear how you cut costs and maybe a sample of your menu and lists! 



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