Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My thoughts...

Many things on my mind today...
~ I DID not want to crawl out of bed this morning!
~ I am glad I can to wake up to my children's beautiful faces!
~ lunch with a good friend can revive my spirit
~ tired of rain, heat and humidity!
~ ready for fall!
~ Christmas will be over in 5 months and it will be 2011! 
~ after having 2 cars out of 3 not run, it is great to beable to have one fixed so we can actually go somewhere as a family again!
~ my 13month old is getting wayyyyy to big wayyyyyy to fast!
~ this is one of the longest time frames I have gone without having another baby on the way!
~ I WOULD be 28 weeks pregnant this week if I had not miscarried
~ it is hard for me to think about that without being sad
~ I want another baby so bad
~ so do my children
~ my coffee pot is broke and I REALLY want a cup of coffee
~ thankful for a teen who can run errands for me! :)
~ excited to see my mom tonight and spend the night in the house I grew up in
~ now that my reunion is over, my "diet" is not as important  HA! :)
~ going over Proverbs with my children, makes ME realize how much wisdom I need!
~ everyday I hear something that makes me wonder about my children's future in this country
~ for the first time ever, I am wondering if a different place would be better to raise children
~ New Zealand sounds good right now!  (Google it you will see what I mean!)
~ I have lots to do today
~ I want another baby
~ sorry, it really is a thought I have a LOT!
~ 11 kids have so many different personalities
~ if I can learn how to help them love God, then I have truly succeeded!
~when all is said and done, that is all that matters!



Robin said...

Ahh, that Christmas comment stressed me out, lol..only 5 more months.

I am so sorry about your miscarriage. I also had one recently and it is devastating. I pray that you are blessed again soon.

Love, Robin

abba12 said...

My husband and I live in Australia, and we have found ourselves seriously thinking about immigrating somewhere else, Australia is falling apart, and NZ may follow.

I like Belgium lol.

It's frightening to wonder, seriously, if this country I love will be the one I grow old in.


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