Wednesday, August 25, 2010

More sharing...

It was so much fun sharing yesterday my 11 year old, today I introduce to you...
My 13 year old!


~ is my other right hand!
~ grew up overnight
~ has a beautiful spirit to go with that beautiful smile!
~ is the favorite babysitter in our home
~ comes up with some fun, crazy idea's (may explain the previous sentence)
~ loves to tease other people
~ is so good at it people usually don't know if she is kidding or not
~ gets that from her dad
~ loves animals
~ gets her braces off next week after wearing them for 3 years
~ is VERY excited about that!
~ loves to have things neat and tidy (most of time)
~ has a cat mom and dad gave her named Miette
~ has 8 bunnies (the mom just had babies)
~ takes great care of the boys!
~she plays with them, bathes them and loves and entertains them
~ is my saving grace!
~loves the color turquoise
~ loves biscuits and gravy
~ loves to go to church
~ loves to help others
~ is very special to us!

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