Monday, August 16, 2010

Spaghetti-Smeared Generation...

This is one of my favorite ananlogies I have ever heard on why we allow God to choose our family size!  This is the beginning Please click HERE to read the writing in its entirety!

Raising Children: My Spaghetti-Smeared Generation

Farmer holds a few ordinary seeds in his hand.

he doesn’t see seeds. He also doesn’t see, or rather, doesn’t dwell on the work he’s about to give himself to.

OK he does see the seeds, and dirt, and sweat and weeds. But it’s what lies beyond the seeing….it’s the VISION.

He really sees a swelling harvest from that handful of humble seeds–a miracle he really can’t fully understand.

He sees results of his labor and the fruit of his hands and the many who will be blessed by it for years to come...

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