Saturday, August 14, 2010

Foto Friday on Saturday and Random thoughts for the week

Just thinking this looks really nice right now!  SNOW! 
NOT heat advisories!
Soon enough!

Random thoughts on the past week...

~ it was tiring


~LOTS of water and flooding

~full of activities

~expensive! (had to have a new transmission put into hubby's car!) AND

~electric bill tripled (we are looking into that!)

~I realized you can get cabin fever in the summer too!

~the baby got a high fever

~I HATE it when my kids are sick!

~I still have no coffee pot

~It's ok, I only drink decaf anyway so I am awake, not problem!

~I want to go to our state fair this week, but WILL NOT if temps don't cool down!

~I have never missed our state fair!

~I love the busyness boys bring but they can be REALLY loud!

~I love how I can relate to my girls

~I realize how much I need God!

~I wish I would remember that hourly instead of trying to do things on my own!

~I am wondering what I am going to do when my 14 month old's lovey bunny loses it's ears! (It's what he falls asleep with and it is getting ragedy already!)

~Hoping next week we can get outside more together and actually ENJOY summer! :)

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