Friday, August 13, 2010

A Birthday Tribute to my Mother

Why I love my mother...

:: she is one of the most selfless people I have EVER known!
:: she is so caring
:: she always helps me see the good in things
:: she is my cheerleader
:: when I worry, she reminds me I am God's hands
:: she never judges me
:: from the time I was young, she let go and allowed me to become who God created me to be
:: when my dad left her when I was 6 months old, she gave up everything for me!
:: she NEVER once let me think anything but good about my dad!
:: she has shown me how to forgive others!
:: she has always supported my dreams
:: I love the way she loves MY kids!
:: she is so rational, me? Not so much!
:: she has shown me how to love my husband unconditionally.  To take the good with the bad and still choose to love!
:: the older I get, the wiser it seems SHE is!

AND most importantly...

:: she taught me to put God first and everything else would be okay!

Thank you mother!
  You are my best friend and I love you!



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