Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Jelly-bean love

The love between these two brothers all started with jelly beans.
To mom's annoyance, 
 16 year old started giving jelly beans to the 2 year old when he was 13 months old!
a love based on conditional reason's, is now TOTALLY unconditional!
And the jelly beans just don't matter anymore! 
(And mom has even forgiven the 16 year old for giving candy to a baby!) *grin*


When 16 year old walks in the door after work the conversation goes something like this,
2 year old, "You home now?"
16 year old, "Yes, I'm home now."
2 year old, "I glad, I misst you!"

Mom just takes it all in and appreciates the simple, pure love between these two brothers!
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