Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Sure looks good, Daddy!

Almost 2 weeks ago, my husband lost his job and we THOUGHT our lives were O-V-E-R!  It's amazing what time and prayer does!  Today, instead of being sad and full of fear and worry, we are actually enjoying each other and our extra time together.  There are not as many hectic schedules to keep and the calender and clock are not running our lives.  We have decided to look at the lighter side of things and not get overwhelmed with daily life.  For now, every moment of the day, we have daddy with us to go places, learn things, and share things with. 
Even food! :)

We have always known that a father's place is with his family but never really had the courage to step out in faith and not really sure how to get there!  Kinda like the olden' days. The days when the kids worked and played ALONG side mom and dad and it was a joint-effort raising the children.  The parents molded their own children instead of leaving it up to total strangers, hours away from home in class-rooms, gaining worldy knowledge but lacking in the only true things that matter, Godly character and the sense of family the way God intended.  The days when the family came together many times a day just because they could!

As we discover this new found "freedom", we are beginning to change our thinking of what a "job" for my husband may look like. Working 8-5 everyday? Is that our answer or do we just think that because it is all we have ever known? Should we begin to seek other ways of working to have income? Non-tradional ways of what the world says? 

  Do we know how much we have allowed the world to saturate us with worldly thinking and not even know it?  Or have we allowed God to take over our thoughts and leave the world behind us making sure that we are not falling into the enemies trap?

Not sure yet what God has for us or where He is leading us, but we do know He is changing us and the change is good!  No matter what His decision is for us, our hope must be in Him, not our circumstances! Not even in our bank account our a dependable paycheck every week! We are starting to finally figure out, that all the things we once considered as the "norm" are maybe not supposed to be our normal anymore.

So until we get it figured out and the pieces of the puzzle begin to fit ( and even if the pieces don't seem to fit), we will just let God be God and appreciate our day and not worry about tomorrow! 

(Oh, I guess that is what the bible tells me to do anyway, maybe it's time I realize it IS truth!  And maybe, just maybe, I can keep so close to Jesus, it will stay that way!  :)

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Amy said...

Hi, I've been following along to your blog for awhile now (call me a lurker) but now I need to post...

We are in a similar circumstance.. DH is currently unemployed. Sometimes the faith is high others it is high in someone else's heart.

But yeah your right... 8-5 is not for us.

The children and I have been mostly enjoying the Papa home days visits to the beach and fishing and camping and fun family things. Things we will miss when he eventually finds out where the Lord wants him to be...

Remain Blessed xx

abba12 said...

This is something my husband and I are considering, as we are in the stage before children when my husband has a lot more freedom to try and make something happen.

I am legally blind and also suffer from some emotional issues, and while I do not need constant care there are things I cannot do, things I do need help with, even as simple as being unable to attend a doctors appointment without someone driving me, but having to go to more than the usual amount of doctors appointments.

This made us question the traditional job, but we thought of ways to get by and make do, with certain people close to us insisting anything other than an 8-5 job being completely irresponsible. However, when I was knocked down with severe morning sickness at the begining of this, my first pregnancy, we had to question the model again, with me unable to even stand while my husband worked 5-3 and studied in night classes twice a week to get a qualification to give him a 'decent job'. It was truly horrible and forced us to reconsider many aspects of our lives, including one sided friendships and the way we run our home.

While we don't expect to go through this again, I have accepted that I need medication and that losing 15% of my body weight by 16 weeks and continuing to lose it past that is probably going to be more dangerous to me and baby than rare possible side effects, it still showed us a lot about ourselves.

I don't know what God is going to lead us into, there's a few openings into possible opportunities around us, and my father ran his own businesses for years, but whatever it is I don't think it will be the traditional job or lifestyle, at least not for this season of our lives.

11arrows said...

Thank you for sharing "lurker" :) and abba12! It is a faith walk and we can only lean on God for our lives and circmstances. It is so great to get to know the people who read my blog. Thank you again for allowing me to see inside of your hearts. You WILL be added to my prayers!

jill f. said...


I followed you to your blog from At The Well...and I wanted to say that over many years of my husband being self-employed, unemployed and in the ministry, as well as having eight children, we can say with conviction that the Lord teaches us sooo much through job loss! It can be humbling to learn to wait on Him for provision but it is glorious.

For the past several years my husband has worked away from home all week making a great income but this past month he was home waiting and searching for a job and we have LOVED having him home. I would rather live on far less and have him home to influence and lead the children. What a blessing.

Yes, God pulls us away from the 9-5 grind with the loss of employment and it is worth it!

Jill F. Washington state


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