Friday, January 7, 2011

Foto Friday~ my life leads to this

My life with boys leads to this...

::An 18 month old with a pop gun::

 ::a rubbermaid full of little testosterone-beings::
::And then me saying the poem out loud, "Three men in a tub, the butcher, the baker and candlestick maker..."::

::I wouldn't want things any other way!::

 (Okay,I admit the thought of my little estrogen-fillled being coming in April, DOES make my toes tingle and smile from deep within!)
 But I will continue to be brave on my journey with a Life FILLED with BOYS!

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Shelly said...

Boys are so fun, aren't they!!! Of course, having two older brothers, my daughter sometimes thinks she's a boy, too...but she does it wearing tights and a dress! Ha!


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