Monday, January 10, 2011

A shower

At the end of everyday, I take a few minutes to jump in the shower.  (Okay, not really in the jumping mode at 6 months pregnant, but you get the idea!)  It has just become part of my day.  I shower early in the morning also.  Not sure why I started this "habit" but there is just something about starting and ending my day clean, that I have become accustomed to.  Now that you know WAY more than you care to know, let me share with you something that God brought to my mind this week as I routinely "jumped" in the warm water.

On these cold winter days, it is almost torture getting out of the hot, steamy, water mist, into the cold bathroom. So, I linger a touch longer than I need to sometimes just allowing the water to keep me warm, even after I have washed off.  It just feels sooooooo good!  God brought to my heart an example of the desire I should have for Him that somehow gets lost in my daily routine.

I love to be clean!  Maybe a fettish or obsession, not really sure.  If I had that same desire to "cleanse" my spirit as much as my physical body, He could do so much more with me and I would not feel the constant battle with my flesh as I so often do!  The water falling down on me is so refreshing and invigorating, and sometimes relaxing, depending on my mood.  God's desire to do that to my spirit, is the same!  To wash me in His spirit and cleanse my soul is essential if I want to live according to His plan for me!  Somedays it is hard to get moving but I love routine and I more often than not, stick to my plans.  If not, choas happens.  The same goes for my heart condition.  If I let my relationship slip just because I don't "feel" like taking the time to be alone with Him, choas happens.  I hope that just as I plan on showering my physical body daily, I will look to Him to shower me with His presence and cleasnse my soul daily even more and shelter me from this cold world!

Father, today I ask you to drench me with your presence and shower me with your neverending love and continue that I desire to linger there just because I want to.  I desire to live for You and allow You to invigorate me and relax me with your gentle spirit so that You know I am completely yours.   Amen


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