Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Motherhood has eternal value

I know it is over a week into the new year and looking back is way past due but yesterday I was sitting on the floor changing my 18 month old's diaper and for some reason began to think of all the things I "accomplished" as a mother and wife.  The world does not give mother's much merit, and in fact even looks down on them for giving up "everything" for the sake of their family.  If you have a great job outside of the home and your children are the smartest in their class, then praise is given.  But changing diapers and feeding hungry little mouths 3 times a day is not as important.  So I thought I would share a few of the things that God has given me the grace and wisdom to accomplish last year and maybe you can identify with some of them!  I am thankful for my role as a mother and I hope to make a list this year as time goes on, listing some things that I am proud of as a mom and wife that God has given me the privilege of doing in and through Him.  As for last year, here are the ones that came to mind~
  • had the honor of holding a child in my womb for 12 short weeks
  • moved bedrooms around so my children could share and enjoy each other's company with other siblings
  • got a new leather couch that everyone can sit on while we do bible time
  • taught 3 kids how to write their names
  • watched one with some learning delays, learn to cut with scissors and hold a pencil with 2 fingers instead of his whole hand
  • got to witness the sparkle in my children's eyes when each one of them learned something new that I taught them!
  • listened to my 2 year old talk to Jesus
  • watched my children look up bible verses
  • get to take care of another little one in my womb and found out it is a girl!
  • potty trained my 2 year old
  • heard about stories of camping trips that my oldest son took his siblings on
  • prepared filling meals with sometimes VERY little in my cupboards
  • cuddled numerous sick children MANY times and lived to tell about it!
  • swept and vaccuumed A LOT!
  • trained children how to help keep a house livable and clean
  • attempted to teach them time management skills
  • brushed many teeth
  • cut MANY fingernails and toenails
  • kissed little cheeks galore
  • kissed little toes galore
  • watched as my 17 year old drove away for the first time by himself
  • spent LOTS of time on my knees in prayer for my children
  • taught bible verses
  • watched a baby take his first steps and cheered him on
  • celebrated birthdays which means we are all healthy and thriving
  • held my husband when he lost his job
  • encouraged him to trust God
  • pointed out God's provision and faithfulness to my children
  • watched my oldest daughter play her violin with such skill
  • gained one more teenager in the house and watched her turn from a little girl to a beautiful young lady right in front of my eyes
  • laid beside my grandma as she left this world
  • watched 3 of my son's and my husband, carry her casket to her gravesite
  • had fun spending precious time with my parents quite often
  • grew in faith knowing my Savior has once again, provided and supplied every one of our families needs
These are just a few.  My point is, sometimes when I feel like the things I am doing day to day, are mundane and pointless, I need to remember that I am shaping the eternal lives of many little ones.  Is there anything more valuable than that in God's eyes?  I think not!  So moms, keep moving on and realize that what you are doing IS important and you are helping shape eternity!  God is very pleased!


Becky said...

Thank you for this reminder!I am posting a link to your blog from mine!

Judson said...

Very well put Heather. Love you! Jud

Shelly said...

Thank you Heather! I needed to read this right now...


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