Thursday, January 13, 2011

Winter fun

Winter has FINALLY hit, so we ventured out for some winter fun!

We got bundled up until we could not move our limbs
Well, except for dad who thinks a hat is not even necessary!
Legs were strengthened climbing up BIG mountains!
(yes, it looked HUGE to us adults also!)
First year sledding fears, were gently soothed
LOTS of smiles were implanted on children's faces
Running fast and free was the norm
Little brothers got taken for rides DOWN the hill, up was a different story!
A sled WITH a child on it even got ripped in half by a metal pole that looked like this...
Child okay! Just an adrenaline rush remained. 
(That's why mommies pray before activities like these!)
We even played at the park!  Try it! Your kids will thank you!
And just think, if they fall, they are well cushioned! :)
This was our cue, it was time to say farewell to a morning of fun!
We had outworn our welcome!
I LOVE winter!


Lovin' Life said...

So cute! Reminds me of winter in the midwest.

Annika said...

Great pictures! It looks like you had fun :)


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