Monday, March 30, 2009

Things that never cease to amaze me (and some things that are just a complete surprise)

Being a mother of 10 children, soon to be 11, I am amazed many times a day at the things I observe and find in my home. Yesterday was a little heavier, today I decided to find some humor in my little "blessings". Maybe you can relate, hopefully for your sake, you will be amazed at my surroundings too! ;)

1. Toothpaste- how do globs of it end up on my bathroom mirror, cabinets, floor, walls, doors, and the toilet? How is the lid always missing, and when I do buy the kind that has the flip tops, why is it that 1 day after using the new tube, there is so much of it globbed on the top that it won't close? And how does the tube disappear at least once daily AND how is that when my husband and I were without children, it took us months to go through one tube, and now, I feel like I buy a tube weekly? (I guess that might have something to do with the artwork all over the bathroom)

2. How little boys can find mud to track in the house even when it has not rained or snowed for 6 weeks.

3. How windows get broke IN our home!

4. How food gets on my walls and baseboards when the dining room table is in the MIDDLE of the dining room!

5. How urine gets everywhere BUT in the toilet!

6. How the creative side of boys is used for unuseful things such as where to urinate. (examples=registers, in the seats of big wheels, garbage cans and brothers) I know maybe to much info!

7. When my husband says, "the older kids never used to do those things." I must remind him that they did not have 9 other siblings to observe. They just had sensible adults to watch!

8. How dried milk can end up ON THE CEILING!

9. How we can have all the laundry caught up and then the toilet overflows using 3 loads of towels. 2 for the bathroom on the 2nd level and 1 for the kitchen floor from the leaking roof on the 1st floor! OR all the laundry is caught up and the stomach flu makes a grand entrance into our home.

10. Why the older kids look at things such as cleaning and vacuuming as a "chore" and the younger ones look at it as a privilege.

11. When they use clothing for napkins and kleenex when we are fully stocked on both.

12.. How little boys really don't care when and IF they change their underwear.

13. Why nobody can flush a toilet.

14. How the human alert complaining system goes up when the baby needs a diaper change but nobody will change him.

15. What moms did before wipes were invented.

16. How closely related IT SEEMS that dads and kids are related to the ape family when it comes to interacting with bodily sounds and wrestling with each other.

17. If I decide to sit or lay on the floor, in a matter of seconds, boys come and climb on me or tackle me.

18. Life can stop when I have sick kids because all I want to do is sit and cuddle with them.

19. When my kids are healthy, I don't appreciate it!

20. How much joy and simplicity babies bring into a home.

21. How much I love being a mommy!

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Annika said...

Your brought a smile to my face :) and several 'out loud laughs!' We too have several of the same issues, only on a smaller scale!
I noticed your counter, 13 weeks, it sure doesn't sound like much time left! WOW!


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